Monday, May 3, 2010


Over the years there have been many, many shows appearing on the Las Vegas Strip, but it takes a show with that certain something to run and run. As a regular visitor to Vegas I have experienced the best and the worst, needless to say the worst shows, usually close after a short run. I have always been fond of the magic/illusion shows and was pleased to see a new spectacular show advertised for the Strip. There have been few big magic shows since the demise of the fabulous Siegfried & Roy show closed, well apart from the enjoyable Lance Burton and the entertaining Rick Thomas.  The new Planet Hollywood Resort, which was once The Aladdin launched a an exciting new show in 2007 featuring the Dutch illusionist Hans Klok and a guest spot for Carmen Electra. After a few glitches the show finally opened but Electra pulled out, probably due to her ability to perform in a live show. The producers drafted in another Baywatch off cast Pamela Andreson, who just about was able to commit to the show. Although it should have been the easiest job on the strip, as all she had to do was to appear for ten minutes throughout the entire 90 minute show! Hans first performed in Vegas in 1994 as part of the NBC show "The World's Greatest Magic", broadcast live from Caesars Palace. He was little known in America when he debuted in June of 2007, but he is a hugh draw in Europe. The show opened in June, but failed to take off even with the dubious star billing of Anderson, so the show closed in December of 07. I attended this performance on Thursday October 18th 2007. While I enjoyed the show, it really was a rehash of everything that had been seen before on the Strip. I would describe it as a cross between the Siegfried & Roy show (minus the tigers), and David Copperfield by was of Lance Burton, on a smaller budget. It was obvious that Pamela was only drafted in as marquee value, as she brought nothing to the show. She looked quite out of it, as I recall on this occasion. I dread to think what Carmen Electra would have been like in it! Nevertheless is was an enjoyable evening! Shown here is a Flyer, ticket and promo shot of Hans and Pamela..

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