Wednesday, February 29, 2012


First performed in 1945, An Inspector Calls is regarded as the most awarded play in history, with among others, 4 Tony's, 3 Olivier's, 2 Evening Standard's, 7 Drama Desk's, 2 Critic's Circle awards..I was delighted to finally catch a performance of this landmark production. Written by J.B.Priestley this dramatic thriller tells the tale of the wealthy Birling family who gather for a dinner party, unaware of the storm clouds gathering outside their insulated world. However when Inspector Goole arrives unannounced with news of the death of a young woman, it soon becomes apparent that the mighty Birling's are each intwined in the crime....
This recent rivival of the play was determined to update the piece for a modern audience, director Stephen Daldry collaborated with designer Iain McNeill to present a stage set where the family dining room was encased in a lifesize dolls house, held up by stilts as if to distance itself from the real world...With a great score, atmospheric effects and a wonderful cast including Tom Mannion as the Inspector, Mannion has appeared on screen in 'Beyond The Sea' with Kevin Spacey, to tv's 'Doctors', 'Casualty' , to Karen Archer as Sybil Birling, Archer appeared in the film 'Forever Young' as well as a long run in 'The Chief', Geoff Leesley who has appeared in 'Eastenders', 'Midsomer Murders' and a new six part drama 'White Heat'.. and Janie Booth plays Edna the long suffering housekeeper, she has appeared in 'Torchwood', 'Upstairs Downstairs' and 'Doctors'.. So a reliable cast, ensure an engaging evening and well worth a visit..... The show had just begun an extensive tour of the UK, with future dates including Aberdeen, Bradford, Aylesbury, Cardiff, Swindon, Cheltenham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Swansea, Llandudno, Northampton and ending in Wimbledon on May 26th.. See date sheet below for full details!

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