Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back in the 70's, before the advent of the cd, there was vinyl discs and cassette tapes and when I was going to school my dad bought a tape recorder, which was the fashion then, long before the walkman! One of the artists he listened to was the wonderful Greek singer Nana Mouskouri and at the young age of  11, I fell in love with the songs, "White Rose of Athens" "Four and Twenty Hours" and "Over & Over". Over the years I have seen Nana live and have met her on occasion. This tour was her farewell tour as she decided to retire from the touring scene on a high.I happened to be in Las Vegas when her tour stopped in Dublin at the concert hall, but I was determined to catch her final encore and traveled to London to attend the show on Monday 20th October 2007. Apart from been her final tour this show at the Royal Albert was an event as it had been 30 years since Nana first appeared there. Will feature Nana's Dublin concerts in future posts with a photo of myself and Nana! Included here is a signed flyer for this tour, photos from the show, ticket and a flyer from the Australian leg. I do have a signed program but will feature that in future!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this moments with Nana .