Friday, April 23, 2010


I am a big fan of Noel Coward's work and try and catch any productions of his plays either in London or Dublin! On Saturday May 24th 2008, I attended a performance of Coward's "The Vortex" a controversial play when it was first performed in 1924, as it dealt with the themes of sexual vanity and drug taking among the British upper classes! It's lead character Florence Lancaster is a nymphomaniac socialite and her son Nicky a hedonistic cocaine addict! It has been revived many times, this version stars the wonderful Felicity Kendal, who I have seen in other productions and she is excellent. This production is directed by Peter Hall and co-stars Dan Stevens, Phoebe Nicholls and Annette Badland. Felicity will always be remembered for her role as Barbara Goode, in the classic sitcom "The Good Life" alongside the equally wonderful Penelope Keith, who I will be featuring in future posts! Here also is a promo brochure, ticket and a photo of myself with Felicity after the show. I do have a signed program, will show in a future post!

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