Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While in Vegas I always try and catch the latest Cirque Du Soleil show, of which there are many and over the years have managed to catch all of them. The latest show to hit the strip is 'Zarkana' which replaced the previous Cirque show 'Viva Elvis' at The Aria Hotel.. This show had a limited run in New York before arriving here to quickly replace the ailing Elvis themed show. While 'Zarkana' has some exciting setpieces and some stunning imagery, I have to say the show does not hold together as the other more successful shows playing in Vegas. I was not keen on the music or indeed the vocalists, who were not pleasant on the ears, which we come to expect from a Cirque show. The songs were unmemorable and I would have no desire to hear them again! The quality of the performers were not up to the usual standard as the acrobats had more than one drop into the net throughout the show. I have heard this is a regular occurance. 
At the ZARKANA theatre at The Aria Las Vegas
If the show has a bit more readjusting it could be wonderful, however if it stays the way it is at present, I can't see it lasting the duration. Listening to many other audience members that evening, they also were not impressed, which is a shame as the name Cirque Du Soleil on a show, usually guarantees a sensational evening of entertainment.. Here's hoping the show can be saved from extinction! 

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