Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What should have been the highlight of 2007 as far as entertainment goes in Ireland, turned out to be an infamous damp squib! I must stress this had nothing to do with the always sensational Barbra.. Combined with the usual wet Irish weather, an unsuitable outdoor venue and the badly organised seating, flooring and lack of staff, the much antisipated concert by the legendary Barbra is not remembered with much affection..

I had planned to by pass this open air event and go to London to catch her at the comfortable and most importantly dry O2.. But against my better judgement I forked out the 500 euro and hoped for the best. The day was wet as could be and the venue was waterlogged, to make matters worse, due to changes made to accomodate screens and equipment, alot of seats had been removed.. This meant concert goers arrived to find, or not find their seats, as they no longer existed! Chaos ensued, with people sitting in other peoples seats, arguements breaking out, even when Babs was singing! Anyway people were falling in the mud, people were stranded in traffic jams, cars abandoned, you name it! Anyway Barbra was wonderful, but I have to say it's not a show I will put among my best shows ever, because of the venue etc.. Next time Babs, if you come to Ireland, stay indoors!!

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