Friday, June 22, 2012


I was delighted to catch a performance of A.R.Gurney's 'Love Letters' on Thursday evening in the company of the sensational Rebecca Storm.. We both braved the torrential rain to see David Soul and Jerry Hall, live on The Gaiety stage.. This two hander tells the story of two people who all their lives, play out their affair through a series of letters.. Andy is a lover of letters and finds it so easier to communicate through this medium, while Melissa prefers the telephone..

This play has been a staple of celebrity double-acts for many years, with productions starring Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers/Jill St John, Elaine Stritch & Cliff Robertson, Larry Hagman & Linda Gray/Barbara Eden and Joan Collins & George Hamilton/Stacy Keach.. One of Elizabeth Taylor's last stage appearances was a benefit performance with James Earl Jones in 2007.. This production has a more elaborate set than previous versions, which only use a writing desk, with both stars side by side.. This time we get Jerry on one side, her foot resting on a stool, with her artists easel behind her, an attractive table lamp lighting her dialogue cards.. One the other side David sitting in a comfortable armchair, in his pajamas beside a writing desk, with a night cap.. Inventive lighting takes us through the seasons and holidays througout the 50 year timespan of the story...

Both stars hold your attention, which frankly in the hands of less known amateurs could fail to engage an audience.. All in all a worthwhile evening, with a handsome production, in the company of two iconic stars and an enjoyable evening of theatre is guaranteed!

'Love Letters' previously played at The Tivoli Theatre in Dublin with Jerry & David a couple of years ago and they were delighted to be back in Dublin.. I was thrilled to go back to the Gaiety Green room to see them after the show and both were delightful as you can see from the following photo's!


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