Tuesday, March 4, 2014


One of Marti Webb's greatest success's began as a tv special in 1980 and was created for Marti by legendary award winning lyricist Don Black and Andrew Lloyd Webber.. After it's success
on tv it was decided to turn into a concert for theatre and then a second act was added starring Wayne Sleep as a classical piece and renamed 'Song & Dance' which was also a great success.. Cut to 2014 and the BBC staged a tribute concert for Don Black at the Royal Festival Hall with Marti as special guest, where she sang songs from 'Tell Me On A Sunday'.. A germ of an idea was conceived to bring 'Tell Me On A Sunday' back as a theatre concert with a live orchestra.. It opened at The St James Theatre and then transferred to the West End's Duchess Theatre to great success.. I was delighted to catch the show as I had not seen the original incarnation. Marti was as sensational as I am sure she was in the original and with a deserved standing ovation.
Although audiences were thrilled to hear the hit number 'Take That Look Of Your Face', many were thrilled when Marti returned at the encore to sing the dropped number from the original 'Song & Dance' .. 'Unexpected Song'.. A great night of musical memories in the company of a West End great...

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