Monday, July 1, 2013


 One of the West End's most enduring if not longest running shows is the now classic whodunit 'The Mousetrap' written by the Grand Dame of mystery and suspense Agatha Christie. First written in 1947 as a radio play to celebrate Queen Mary's 80th birthday, before finally hitting the West End stage in 1952, 'The Mousetrap' was destined to intrigue and shock audiences through the decades.

Set during a snowstorm at an isolated guesthouse, Monkswell Manor, a group of travellers arrive to stay and are greeted by the owners Mollie & Giles Ralston. A murder has occurred in the city and the murderer is still at large, when one of the guests, Mrs Boyle is strangled, it is soon apparent that the murderer is among the assembled. When Detective Trotter turns up he is determined to trap the killer! But whodunit? Well... I am sworn to secrecy!
This production of the play is a special 60th Anniversary Touring version of the show with a cast of familiar faces including 'Coronation Street' star Bruno Langley, Brush Strokes star Karl Howman, 'Eastenders' star Elizabeth Power and 'I Claudius' & 'Gandhi' star Graham Seed. Having attended a performance of the West End version at The St Martin's Theatre many years ago, I enjoyed this new Anniversary production just as much...

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