Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As a regular visitor to Vegas, I always try to catch as many shows as I can. Will be there for Christmas / New Year this year, so watch this space for the latest then! This now closed production, I have seen a few times over the years, I caught this performance in March 2006 and the show closed a little while later.. The show was originally called Splash as it had a high water content and lotso f ice, but after 20 years they thought it was time for a change.. By 2006 most of the water elements had been removed, which probably added to the reason the show closed... As well as the traditional showgirls, it included hula hoop dancers, silk act, the poular Riders of the Thunderdome, 4 dare devil riders who ride around in 14th foot sphere!  Plus skaters, jugglers and the Los Latin Cowboys.. Certainly a show with something for everyone...

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